Saturday, September 7, 2013

You can read comics all day!
You can remind yourself that you got paid two days ago,
And you can buy three of the thick, glossy covered compilations
And read them on the couch, taking occasional breaks for porn.
You can do anything you like. You're a grown up!

Inevitably you check facebook.
Someone you went to college with just had this awesome waffle
And yes, they know it's the afternoon! #sorry #notsorry
At parties you've loudly claimed
that the worst human quality is indifference to suffering.
Depending on the party, this sometimes leads
into this whole thing about Hannah Arendt, blah blah blah.
Depending on the party, it sometimes gets you laid.

And this is true. You cannot stand indifference to suffering.
But as always, this is not quite true enough:
The quality you absolutely can't abide
Is indifference to your suffering.
You watch the cascading tumult, the streams and eddies of other people—not called a feed for nothing—and for a moment wish he'd died, so that their attention would drain into a single watershed, and there you would lie prone, at the very bottom.

You make an ill-advised facebook post about him.

You wait for your roommate to get home.